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Throwback Thursday – File Recovery!

Posted on January 15, 2015 by Elsa under Coffee Break, Theimagefile, Tutorials

This Throwback Thursday we wanted to focus our attention on a common fear among photographers – accidentally deleting a file or collection. Now within theimagefile, accidentally deleting these important files or folders are not as bad as it seems. This article focuses on¬†the ways of recovering them…

File-recovery (1)

Firstly we’re going to focus on the recovery of deleted collections. Within theimagefile any collections deleted are “soft deleted” for 28 days. This means that if you needed to recover a deleted collection within that 28 day period the collection will return to the original position with the original access rights and sales options.¬†Similarly any files that are deleted from collections are also soft deleted for 28 days. They can also be recovered within that 28 day period and will return to the original collection with all statistics.

Find out more by:

1. Log into your account on theimagefile.

2. Go to “Help and Support”.

3. Type into the search box “How to recover deleted collections” or “How to recover deleted files”.