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Throwback Thursday – What’s Your Most Popular Image?

Posted on February 26, 2015 by Elsa under Coffee Break, Theimagefile, Tutorials


Understanding your customer base is key to running a successful business. Do you know what your customers look for? Do they buy what they say they want? Many customers give the impression that they want photographs of the bride and groom at the wedding or their mother in law in the portrait studio. But do they actually buy those pictures or something completely different? Knowing this type of information allows you to maximise your sales.

On theimagefile you can see what your most popular images are. You can view what has been viewed the most, purchased the most frequently or downloaded most often (if you are permitting downloads of course).


Simply log in to your account on theimagefile and go to My Images > Search Files where you can search by most viewed, sales volume, most downloaded as well as sixteen other options.

Also check out My Images > Statistics to see your last viewed images, when collections were last viewed etc.