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Throwback Thusday: Mosaic Page Galleries!

Posted on May 14, 2015 by Elsa under Coffee Break, Theimagefile, Tutorials, Websites and SEO

Many of you will have heard about the mosaic page, but are you using it to its full potential?

Before we tell you how you can use a mosaic page within your website, let’s go through exactly what it does. A mosaic page always displays a complete collection on one page with no requirement for clicking “next”.  There are two display options – display by fixed width or display by fixed height. Both of these display options work better visually with a mix of both portrait and landscape orientation images. Also, due to popular request you can now show the larger thumbnail in the foreground when the image is clicked from the mosaic page.


Example of mosaic portfolio page showing fixed width mode:

Mosaic Portfolio Page Example


Example of mosaic portfolio page showing fixed height mode:



A mosaic page is not only a fantastic way to display your best work in portfolios but is also an equally eye-catching way to display client galleries. There are many ways that a mosaic page can be a benefit to your client galleries. The first is that the size of the small thumbnail used as the gallery image can appear larger. Equally, using a mosaic page for your client galleries means that all images appear on one page. This makes viewing a gallery easier for client-viewing as they don’t have to click through pages of images (another popular suggestion The size of the small thumbnail is totally controlled by you, allowing you to create a more bespoke looking page more in keeping with the rest of your website. Finally, a mosaic page is the perfect choice for mobile display. Using this page format for your client galleries, it means that no matter where your clients are they can easily and efficiently view their images.

For more information log in > Help and Support > Search “mosaic”.