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New Timers Update

Posted on October 13, 2016 by James Duncan under Business, Inspiration, New and Improved Features, Sales and Marketing, Social Media and Blogging, Theimagefile, Websites and SEO


So when you are out and about – things just carry on working!

Timers can save time by doing regular tasks within your collections for you or remind you to do specific tasks. As an example; let’s say I am a wedding photographer. Every weekend, on my return I go through the images and prepare and edit the photos for my client and guests to view and purchase.

I create a collection and set the password, upload the photos and then…well… what happens then?

  • Do I wait? We absolutely know that the quicker you get people to view the images, the hotter the emotion and the more they purchase.
  • Do I call them? Post something on my website? Or perhaps social media?

We know that If you tell your visitors to buy they often will, whereas if you leave them to browse in a more leisurely fashion, with no urgency, they won’t give it any priority and they probably will do what you asked and just browse…at some point!┬áSo to increase your sales you need to tell your visitors to view the photos you have taken and buy them. Giving them a reason to do so now – not later but TODAY!

Well that’s sorted then! Great, we’re on the way to making more money!


Well this is where Timers can do a lot of the work for you. Firstly, theimagefile introduced Timers to collections a few years back – what thy have now done is make them a part of your defaults workflow so that work automatically! Just set them up once and apply them to all your collections by default. Easy!



First you need to work on the schedule of events to know what you are going to tell people and when. How long are you going to keep the collection open for viewing? Are you going to offer and incentive for visitors to purchase? Will it be at the beginning of the sales process (the early bird catches the worm scenario) or at the end of the sales process (last chance to grab a bargain) or both? Only you can decide on these options, but I would advise you to try them out, to find out what works best in your own working scenario, for both increasing sales and your customer satisfaction, then formulate your plan from there.

My (imaginary) wedding and events photography business is going to do the following:

  • At the event give out cards telling guests to follow me on social media for updates on when the images are online for viewing. If you create the collection early they can also add their email address in the collection. Depending on the type of event you can also consider custom apparel, posters, sandwich boards, programme sponsorship and advertising.
  • Within My Images, create the collection ready for the event.
  • Upload within a few days of the event. The “just gone live” email (timer) will go to anyone who has visited the collection and added their email address to be notified to be notified prior to the files being uploaded. Something along the lines of:

“Hi, it was great to be part of the COLNAME. The photos are wonderful and available right now for viewing on the link below. You can purchase online securely using debit or credit cards. Best wishes.”

  • Update your social media channels to advise the collection is now live on your website. If the event was for a company try to get the company to also advise the attendees for you too.

So that’s it – we’re done – right?

WRONG! You have done everything you can to produce great photos and have made them available on schedule for your clients to view. You have put in all the effort – but haven’t maximised the benefits from all that hard work. Anything you sell now – the more profit you make. Timers can help you with this. You just set it up once and let the system do the work for you.

How about a special offer? Buy a canvas (appropriate products depends on the event) and get free delivery. Or purchase a download and get a reduced a print pack.

With times you don’t have to just email your clients to tell them about offers, you can also set tasks to happen automatically within the collection. So you could set the timer to change to a different price plan – this might have a different discount or include some additional products. You could send and email to clients that have already purchased, giving them a PROMO code offering a DISCOUNT on a re-order. Or advise the collection is coming offline and now is the last chance to get those fabulous photos. Maybe changing the price plan to include some seasonal gift ideas.

After a short while the files you created will start to lose value. The emotion of the event starts to fade or the dust on the award starts to settle. Now is the time to try to squeeze one last time (or maybe twice) and get one last sales push. Any sale from now is a bonus, so maybe take a price drop or consider selling product multi-packs or downloads. If you have not done so during the normal sales period. Add a special countdown closing discount – make sure you tell everyone through all channels available and then “hide” the collection. However, well you have completed your marketing, some visitors will still have missed the deadline. You can unhide and it will all be back – no hassles!

You did everything you could to maximise your return on effort. Sit back and enjoy the rewards or get out there and take more great photos!


P.S. How about adding a public email header – to invite every customer to refer you for another event? The customer already likes your work and trusts you so ask them to promote you for another event, maybe offering a small “thank you” as an incentive…(I think I can see my next blog post taking shape!)