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6 Tips To Help New Parents Feel Comfortable During Their Newborn Session

Posted on September 15, 2016 by Elsa under Business, Coffee Break, Inspiration


A newborn session is something that many new parents now invest in. It’s a wonderful way of capturing those first few weeks and fleeting moments. However, for many new parents it’s also a nerve racking and overwhelming stage in their lives. Not only are they suddenly completely responsible for another human being, but they’re also trusting a complete stranger with their newborn baby. So here are six tips to help your clients feel comfortable during their newborn session.



If you are doing an “at home” session then make sure you ask the new parents to give you a brief tour of their home. This gives you a chance to work out where the best natural light is, are there any beautiful spots that might make a good background or perhaps problem areas  you need to be aware of?

Alternatively, if you are doing a studio session then make sure you give the couple a tour of your premises. Make sure they know where the toilets are and the changing table, let them know where they can drop their stuff and make them a coffee of tea to make them feel welcome.



Remember that new parents will most likely feel nervous and wary of handling their new baby, not to mention new mums might still feel quite delicate and uncomfortable within themselves. So take things slowly. Allow parents the time to settle, feed and change their new baby if necessary. The last thing and overwhelmed, sleep-deprived couple needs is to feel rushed and stressed out.



When you photograph a new mum with her baby remember that her comfort is just as important as capturing those special, fleeting moments. Be aware that she might still be sore and tender so make sure she knows that if a pose isn’t working for her then she can move into one that is better. It’s not going to mess up the session. The more comfortable and relaxed mum is the more natural and beautiful the images will be.



When you photograph a new baby with their dad, remember that he is completely new to this game. Mum has had nine months to bond with baby, but it’s really only after the birth that dads get to have their own special moments. Respect this new territory and everyone will feel more comfortable and less pressurised.



Clients don’t want to look stupid. So tell them the best way to stand, look at each other, where to position their hands etc. The more direction you give the more relaxed they will appear, because they will feel like they’re doing the right thing.



As well as the posed family shots make sure to capture the non-posey moments as well. Capturing someone just as they are is a great way of making them feel comfortable, so focus on the feeding and changing time just as much as cuddling.


How do you make new parents feel comfortable during their newborn session?