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Updated Order Management Area!

Posted on May 28, 2015 by James Duncan under Coffee Break, Partners, Theimagefile

boxWith our photographers on-line orders consistently growing month on month we are always listening to feedback and looking at ways to simplify the order management required, whilst making sure orders don’t get forgotten or delayed. With this in mind we have updated the order management area within the control panel and are sure you will see the benefits from the new layout which we have outlined below.
Remember – the order management area is only displayed if you are required to do something. All paid, lab fulfilled orders are completely managed through the system, so will  go directly through to your sales history and not display in the order management area. If you need to take some sort of action to complete the order; for example collect customer payment, pay cost-of-goods to the lab or print the order, then the order will be displayed in the order management area. If left unattended, we will send you email reminders.

So what has changed?
Previously, all orders were sorted newest-first. All were grouped together in chronological order of the date the order was placed, regardless of the order status. We have now grouped orders together to make it faster to find and manage. The different sections are:

  • Has the customer paid yet? – If you’ve enabled offline payment you should verify the customer has paid to advance the order.
  • Do you need to pay costs for the lab? Normally everything just happens, but If your payment card isn’t working you will need to settle up the lab costs to advance the order.
  • Have you shipped the order? If you are self fulfilling orders, “mark as shipped” when you despatch the order.

All you need to do is update the order state as needed.

Further to this, a regular customer request was that if you are offering alternate delivery to group orders by collection, so all the sales from that club, school, association or event requiring work/delivery are grouped together. The benefits are that you can now clear all orders from one event, with one delivery, in one click. Additionally when marking an order as complete there is a new “print packlist” option that lists the bare details and oversized thumbnail within each order, so you can now print the complete collection packlist one order per page all in one go. We still support the “customer email notification” and the “daily order reminder” of print orders requiring attention.