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New & Exciting Gift Voucher Updates | We Listened To You

Posted on August 18, 2020 by theimagefile under New and Improved Features, Photographers Websites, Sales and Marketing, Theimagefile

Gift vouchers have really been a great help during 2020! We really don’t need to go through the reasons why… we all know! It was great to have so much great feedback on the feature, but it became clear in the feedback, there was a regular request for an additional feature to include a “voucher banner image“. So we listened to you and have developed some exciting new gift voucher updates, together with a couple of other goodies!

You still have the option of creating vouchers for specific collections which will show the image for that collection at the top (using the collection cover photo), followed by the collections gallery images for easy access into the collection, as well as your dedicated voucher banner image displayed below.

Here is an example of a voucher for a specified collection:

The New Gift Voucher Updates

However, with the new gift voucher updates, there is another addition to the feature – the printer and PDF download format.

Now to the right of the gift card number we show a small suite of icons to help you, the purchaser and the lucky recipient to:

  • copy the URL
  • view the voucher within their browser
  • save the voucher as a PDF or
  • print the voucher.

Both the PDF and printer options remove the website header, footer and navigation menu for the saved output, and rearranges the page content, to highlight your voucher banner image.

How to set it up?

To upload your dedicated voucher banner image, head to My Sales > Direct Payments > Vouchers. At the bottom of the page click the upload link. The image is fully responsive so will work across all platforms. The size of the voucher in our examples is 1500 pixels wide by 700 pixels in height. You can change this to be the shape you want but remember to not make it too big so it loads quickly on the visitors’ screen.