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Valentine’s Day Page Sets!

Posted on January 13, 2015 by Elsa under Seasonal Marketing Ideas, Theimagefile

Blue-bird   Over the past few weeks we’ve been preparing a programme focused on sales and marketing, so we’re excited to launch the first part – Valentine’s Day page sets!

Get ready to spread the love..


We understand that as photographers it’s a busy time of year. So we have designed a number of pages (page sets) that you can automatically add to your website. The basic pages are created for you and already contain information to assist with search engine optimisation; you can easily edit these to suit your own business requirements, to add more or delete certain pages or page parts.

The page sets that we have designed specifically for Valentine’s day are aimed to have something for every photographer and client; they include offers such as: a boudoir photography parcel, an engagement or anniversary photography package, a fun-filled family shoot and a you-and-your-pet photography session!


To get ready to spread the love…

1. Log in to your account on theimagefile.

2. Go to “Help and Support”.

3. Type into the search box; “Valentine’s Day”.

This should take you to a help article that explains everything you need to know about what the page sets offer and how to add them to your website.



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