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Wedding Planning Day

Posted on February 28, 2019 by Elsa under Business, Inspiration, Seasonal Marketing Ideas, Social Media and Blogging

The 1 March 2019 is Wedding Planning Day. Many couples spend months, even years, planning their big day and every wedding is a high-stress event. Wedding planning day is a prime opportunity to share the benefits of hiring a professional wedding photographer, and how that can take some of that stress away from potential clients currently planning their special day.

Your clients may be thinking they are saving their pockets by using a family friend as their photographer, however, there are so many reasons to spend the pennies of those all important memories. Below we have covered just a few that you could talk about on your blog or social media platforms.


Beautiful photos only happen when you have experience and knowledge behind them. As a professional wedding photographer you have the experience of a wedding day and therefore know just the right moments to photograph. A client will end up with far more emotionally charged images if the photographer is professional and can capture split second expressions and emotions. This kind of sensitivity to a wedding day only comes with a wealth of experience.

Secondly, weddings are notoriously difficult to light correctly. Churches are often dark and have random bright spots from stained glass windows which also cast strange colours. Evening receptions are usually only light from a DJ set up and are therefore very difficult to work with and if a wedding is being hosted outside, then the photographer has to contend with harsh noon sun or the flat light of an overcast day. All of these factors can be handled professionally and beautifully by an experienced and knowledgeable photographer.

Finally, along with your technical knowledge, as a professional you are also versed in choreographing the day’s events. At a wedding, time management is critical and a professional photographer will know the days schedule and make sure they have everything the bride and groom requested done, in the time allowed. Equally, a professional will know where to stand to get the best images when the couple enters the room, during the first dance etc.


With a professional photographer, your clients have the security of great photos and they will be at ease because of it. As a professional, you are truly invested in your client’s wedding day. After all, you are making a living from their day and also don’t know any of their guests personally, so are less likely to get caught in a conversation and miss a big moment.


Most wedding couples will want to print their wedding photos and as a professional, you can offer your clients high-end, luxury products. Some couples will argue that they could print their images themselves for a far smaller price, however, as a professional you will have researched different labs and chosen the best one for the job.