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What Advice Do You Have For A Photographer Just Starting Out?

Posted on July 9, 2015 by Elsa under Coffee Break, Inspiration

Starting out in a new industry can feel overwhelming and intimidating, especially when that industry varies so much and changes so quickly. So we’ve compiled some great advice from our photographers to encourage and inspire anyone who is considering becoming a photographer.

If you can find a speciality that you enjoy, embrace it – Ashley Franklin

Ashley Franklin 1

Learn the art of photography, learn how to pose people and if possible assist a professional and work your way up. You gain far more knowledge of the craft that way.  – Grant McKelvie



Have a long term goal and know where you want to be in the future of course, but take every day as it comes. Decide what you want to do that day and be proud when you have achieved that. – Rebecca Northway


You can read as much as you want in books but it is important to practice and make mistakes. That’s what I felt to be the most helpful thing, you’ve got to make those mistakes to work out how to not make them again in the future. Also, letting other people look at your work or having some sort of mentor is a great help. – Sarah Gawler


Be the best you can be and know when you’re not good enough because it is a killer game out there, particularly fashion and wedding photography. It really is a dog eats dog world. You have to intellectualise your ability and know when you’re not good enough. – Anthony Gould-Davies


For somebody starting out I would say that you should try to do something a bit different or to specialise a bit more. Be as different as possible. – John Kelly




You need to know how to promote and market yourself because it’s not all just talent and technical ability. If you’re going to be a photographer, for the most part, you are your own business. – Amanda Rose



Photography is a long winded thing. I would say just carry on and take what your like because eventually you’ll take good stuff. I get a lot of young people asking to come out with me, which I don’t really want to do if I’m honest, because I want them to find their own voice. – Mike Black



If you would like to know more about the photographers mentioned click here. If you have any advice for young photographers just starting out then send them in to us at 🙂