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Why Keep Your Card Details Up To Date?

Posted on May 20, 2015 by Elsa under Coffee Break, Sales and Marketing, Theimagefile

Summer is on its way which means one of two things; you’re either about to be inundated with work or you’re going away for a well deserved break. We thought that before the holidays really got going we would remind you to check that your payment card details are still valid and will see you through the holiday period. This is really important as card failure can cause a number of issues…


1. Firstly, when your customers make purchases but your registered card is out of date then the order can not go through to the fulfilment labs meaning that instead of your orders automatically being dealt with you would have to manually complete all orders on your return.

2. Also, due to orders needing to be manually completed many would become delayed. This could be a headache for any customer expecting/needing prints by a certain date.

3. Finally, without a valid card your subscription to theimagefile could go into arrears. This means that your account may not have have reduced functionality when you least need to be concerned about it.


To check or update your card details log in > Help and Support > click “update card details”. 🙂