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Why You Should Be Creating An Email List

Posted on July 6, 2018 by Elsa under Business, Sales and Marketing

Email lists have been around for years but recently, they have gained popularity. It can seem like everyone is starting an email list but no one really knows why they should. Today we’re discussing why you should start creating an email list and which programmes you could use to make things a little easier and streamlined. 



Most businesses have multiple ways in which they keep in touch with their clients – from social media to press releases and guest blogging. However, you cannot control social media or press releases or guest blogging. You do not own them and therefore you cannot guarantee that one day they might flick a switch and change everything. Luckily you can control your website and your email newsletter. So even if tomorrow Facebook changes their site so that only one person ever sees your post you will still have an email list of dedicated followers who are there to open your emails and read your important updates and content. 



People don’t mind scrolling through an Instagram feed filled with photos of people they have talked to twice in their life. But most people are more picky about who they subscribe to via email. Why? Because for most people their email inbox is a private place – like a virtual home. So if they allow you to send them emails they are essentially inviting you into that virtual space. 

If someone has subscribed to your email and thinks you worthy of being invited into their virtual home then they are more likely to purchase from your business because they are already interested in your business. For those reasons, it is incredibly important to take care of your email subscribers to turn them from interested visitors into loyal customers.



Email is one of the easiest ways to share big announcements and keep in touch with your clients. Not everyone will have Instagram and not everyone will read your blog but they will probably check their email inbox once a day. So if you have something important, interesting or exciting to share this is the method to go for. 




There are lots of choices when it comes to email marketing. Some of the top choices include MailChimp, Mad Mimi and Flashissue.


NOTE: Don’t forget that you need to comply with GDPR!