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Why You Should Put Your Prices On Your Site?

Posted on January 27, 2015 by Madeleine under Business, Sales and Marketing, Websites and SEO

For most photography business owners, one of the most controversial decisions to make is whether to post pricing information on their websites. As Hubspot explains; clients dislike the idea of posting prices on their website because “it’s not done in our industry”, “what happens if my competition sees it?”, “all our pricing is custom, nothing is standard” or simply “we would never do that”. However, this is could be a huge mistake as to the majority of buyers the most important question is “what is this going to cost me?”.

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We have done some detailed research into publishing prices online and found some compelling reasons for you to start including your price…

“Buyers are trained to search for price as part of any purchase decision,” says Hubspot while Passion For Business states that “studies have shown that consumers want to see prices of products and services”. As buyers, we are programmed to continue searching for products until we find the best quality for the best price. So, as mentioned by Hubspot “the goal is to own the price and value dialogue of your product or service so you can provide researchers with the context they need to understand your pricing model”.

There are many businesses that argue that they can’t publish pricing as their business provides a bespoke service or product. Spinning Planet suggests that in this scenario a price range should be included or at least a starting price; for example “prices start from £550”.

Passion for Business also states that “customers will often not do business with a company that does not show prices”. Similarly, there is a belief amongst many that if prices are not shown it must be too high. By being transparent about your pricing and business, you are encouraging potential buyers to trust you and your company. It also helps separate those that are and aren’t serious about booking your services as well as showing your prospects what to expect.


You can create pages for your packages and pricing within your website by going to my websites > pages > create new web page where you can use any of the page types!


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