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A Professional Wedding Photographer: Why You Need One!

Posted on August 1, 2013 by theimagefile under Coffee Break, Theimagefile

It’s a shame that just last week we had two separate cases regarding rescuing wedding images. These rescue missions were easily avoidable had the happy couple booked a professional wedding photographer.

Whilst talking to one bride, she regretfully acknowledged that the photographs were the only keepsake that she will have to enjoy in years to come. Yes, she had heard that the cake is eaten, the band fall silent, the flowers droop and the dress becomes… tighter…however, she still ignored the professional wedding photographer’s attempts to prevent the pending calamity and in an attempt to save money booked Uncle Keith, a keen amateur, to replace the professional wedding photographer.

All images were captured as small jpegs.

Professional wedding photography of bride and groom hugging by a stone wall in Mediterranean

The bride and groom do now at least have a somewhat downsized wedding album, but with the costs for necessary digital work, scanning, printing and manipulation, the (not so happy) couple have only made a saving of just over eighty-six pounds compared to what they would have paid for the stress-free services of the originally booked professional wedding photographer.

Professional wedding photography of bride and groom almost kissing underneath bride's veil

It’s sad that so many major once-in-a-lifetime events are going to be lost for future generations because of similar circumstances.

Having a camera does not make a photographer…