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Youtube Video Project

Posted on July 20, 2020 by theimagefile under Business, Inspiration, Websites and SEO

Video is one of the most powerful tools out there, especially when it comes to search engine optimisation. Where traditional SEO methods could normally take months of consistent work and effort to show results, videos can rank extremely well within a number of days or even, at times, hours.

However, when it comes to search engine optimisation, video is one of the biggest untapped opportunities. So here are a few quick reasons why you should be using Youtube to boost your SEO.

  • Hardly any photographers are using Youtube as a search engine optimisation tool so the market is currently, wide open, even for fairly competitive keywords.
  • In recent years, Google has increasingly displayed Youtube results even for long-tailed keyword searches, such as venues, types of photography, places and brand names.
  • Video is an easy way to stand out from the crowd and currently an easy one to dominate.
  • It’s incredibly easy to get a Youtube video to display for your brand name which is one of the most popular searches, especially if you have a lot of referrals and good word of mouth marketing.

So, now you know why you should be using Youtube here is a little project to help you get the ball rolling. You don’t need any fancy tech or knowledge, just a little bit of time.

Step One

If you don’t have one already, set up a Youtube channel for your photography business. Ideally, this should use the same email address as you used to verify your business with Google.

Top Tips

  • Keep the name of your channel simple and relevant. Ideally, it should be your brand name so that visitors know they are definitely in the right place.
  • Display some brand artwork as your profile picture and cover art, for example, your logo and one of your portfolio images. You can always change this at a later date, it’s just important to get something uploaded so that you look like a branded channel.

Step Two

Now, you want to create your first video. This only needs to be a simple video representing your brand. It could be a slideshow of your images set to music, footage of yourself welcoming visitors to your channel and explaining a little bit about your business or alternatively a tour of your studio etc.

Remember, these days, people value “real” so don’t worry about making the video super professional or perfect.

Top Tips

  • The ideal length for a video is between 1-2 minutes.
  • There are lots of video tools available out there from free software for beginners to advanced paid-for tools.

Step Three

Time to upload your video to Youtube.

Top Tips

Make sure you get important keywords into your video title, as well as your brand name e.g. Wiltshire Wedding Photographer | Your Brand Name or Edinburgh-based Newborn Photographer | Your Brand Name

In the description box, include some text about your business and the video itself as well as a link to your website and other social media accounts (if you have them). Make sure you get some keywords into your description too!

Choose either a still frame from the video or upload a specific image for the cover image of your video. The ideal dimensions are 1280 x 720px.

Choose a few simple tags to include. Make sure they are not only relevant to the video itself, but also to your brand and business.

Step Four

Start promoting your videos. After all, if no one knows your video is there, they won’t be watching it!

So where should you promote your video?

  • Share your video on your business social media pages.
  • Share your video with your family and friends and ask them to share it too.
  • Share your video in any groups you are a member of (subject to group rules).
  • Embed your video into your website.
  • Share your video in your email newsletters.
  • Share your video on your blog.
  • Make sure you check back over the coming days, weeks and months to see the effect your efforts have had on your search engine optimisation rankings.

Wherever you decide to share your new video, make sure you encourage people to subscribe to your Youtube channel and to click on the little bell icon to ensure that they get notified of any future video uploads by you.

This is a project that is incredibly easy and quick to do but could make such a difference to your search engine optimisation. Also a perfect way of reminding people that you are, once again, open for business!